December 17, 2010

Had to share...

I just had to share this creation with you all.  A good pals mum asked me to create something for her granddaughters 1st birthday.  Giraffes were the theme, so Gertie the Giggling Giraffe was born... I do hope she likes it! xx Merry Christmas xx

xx Ria xx

December 03, 2010

Christmas goodies

Well I am finally finished with all my Christmas orders.  Here is a selection of some that will be posted out this weekend.  Next week we are on holiday, yay!!  Although with such beautiful weather here in the Bay everyday feels like a holiday here.  Thanks to all, have a great lead up to Christmas xx Ria

November 23, 2010

Tomorrows post!

Another busy week, the following will be heading off to their new homes tomorrow.  Five more orders to fill and I will be taking a break for the lead up to Christmas.  I so love this time of year and seeing it is Maisie's first Christmas really want time to make it special.  If you are still wanting to order something for Christmas or a new arrival please just message me and I will let you know if possible and completion times.  Thanks all!

xxx Ria

November 18, 2010

Todays trip to the post office...

Well my wee paws have been frantically stitching away this week... wish I could describe them as long fingered and graced with a lovely set of manicured nails... mmm they are  more sausage like in appearance and thread plays havoc with your nails, so will not describe them!! 

Anyway I thought I would have a moment off and post a few pics of some of what went off in the post today. 

These bright wee fellas are off to New York

Another pretty pink name banner heading to Australia.... 

Posted off to London to my dear friend Steph for her beautiful new daughter...

Emmas picture is off across the water to America....

Thank you all for support and understanding over this busy period... xxx Ria

November 10, 2010

New addtion to the Rainbow Owl Family Collection

I am not sure I would want to get any more owls on this branch as it is getting quite long now!!

This family heads off to Australia today!

Ria xx

October 27, 2010

Monkey has a pal

Finally finished Rhys's Monkey sign he now has a wee parrot pal.


October 19, 2010

Meet Harry the Hugging Frog...

Quick peek at what I got finished last night....  He just screams 'Hug me!'
This wee cutie is a request from a lovely customer in Australia who wanted 4 frogs as party favours for babies...  Harry is my first and I have 3 more to go.... all green, but with different expressions and tummy's.

off now to coffee group for a much needed natter with all the other mums   xxx

October 17, 2010

Cheeky Little Monkey..

We have all said it to our wee ones sometime or another... although some children fit the bill better than others and Rhys is one of them.  He is my best friends baby, well little boy now really as he has just turned one and started to walk.  I wanted to make something to fit his personality and and this is the result. 

I would love to get feedback on what you think.... do I need a little bird on top left hand corner of the branch.... or is that just my bird addiction talking?  my husband suggested a bunch of bananas but as this is not a banana tree would that not look strange?  his answer to that was 'how many blue monkeys have you seen?'... he has a point!

Happy Birthday Rhys!

xxx Thanks for looking xxx


October 16, 2010

Citrus Owls

Yes another picture of an owl family... I have had quite a run of orders on these lately... which is great, it just means that I only have pics of Owls to post :)

This one is for a little girl in the US, her mum chose the colours which are very fresh and bright.  I have included two ladybirds to represent the family's two dogs.

xxx  Have a lovely weekend!


October 11, 2010

Amazing names!!

I just love some of the wonderful names our wee ones have. Today I have wrapped three owl families... all going to little girls in the USA.

Off to the post office xxx

September 28, 2010

Pastel Kissing Fish

I am so pleased with how these turned out... I was asked to create a muted version of my Rainbow Kissing Fish mobile to match a nursery colour scheme. As you may guess though I do not tend to do muted. So I had a hunt around and found these pastel colours and this is the result, ready to be sent off to Seattle tomorrow. I just need to think of a suitable name as I will be adding this to my shop. I hope you like it too :)

September 26, 2010

Sunny Day

So lovely to finally see the sun!! and wonderful to finish my last name banner for this week. They have all been pink and blue... and I have added a little something to each one. A cupcake and fairy mushroom for the girls and a car and spaceship for the boys. Tonight I shall put my feet up ready to tackle two mobiles tomorrow...


September 14, 2010

Felt House Door Stop

A few snaps of what I am working on for a girlfriend in London. She asked for a house doorstop for the guest room and this is what I have so far... Two more sides and the roof to go.... I am thinking mushrooms by the backdoor.


September 12, 2010

Black Heart

I had a challenging project this week... two felt 'heart of hearts' pictures to match the white heart I made a month or so ago. The hard part was keeping the hearts lint free as every speck shows up as does the hot glue I use. I look forward to seeing the finally result as being a photographer, my customer will hopefully take a pic :)

Off to stitch a doorstop in the shape of a house. It is to be sent to the UK, so the challenge here is making it re-fillable... till next time xx

August 25, 2010

Sigh.......... Ahhhhhh

What a wonderful past week I've had. Maisie finally got to meet her new and only cousin after 8 months! She is only 5 days older than him but it must have been enough, as she commandeered every toy going. It was so lovely just watching them both interact... all you mums out there will know what I am on about :)

My brothers visit also coincided in a burst of Owl family orders, of which all but one have been completed and sent off to their new family's. The picture I have posted is of the family to go to a wee boy here in New Zealand. His Mum asked to keep to a colour scheme and I was really happy with the result... there is an almost retro 70's look about the colourings.

Hope you are all busy, happy and well...

Back to it x

August 08, 2010

Winter colour

I know its not very 'felt' but I wanted to share with you the view from Maisie's bedroom. On drab days like today, the colour of the next door neighbours Magnolia is so pretty and brings a smile to my face. I have tried to use it as a backdrop for some shots of two creations completed this morning.
Photography is not my forte... the whole light thing with taking photos out a window is beyond me. I do think though the birds and owls look lovely hanging in a window... maybe is summer though, not winter as it is here as it can be hard to escape condensation...

Off to cut out more owls and fish... I can say this is my least favorite part of what I do and I find it so hard to part with all my off cuts of felt. I have a mountain that needs to be sorted though, oh well a task for another day.

Have a good Sunday afternoon xx Ria xx

August 04, 2010

Baby birds first flight

I have been working on this idea for ages and today I finished my latest mobile. Yay!

I was never completely happy with my other birds so have created these new baby birds. They have over sized baby heads and are balanced just right so the slight breeze makes them bob about. Mum and Dad are sitting on the branch watching their newborns take their first flight... I do hope you like xx

I am not so happy with the photos though.. it is such a miserable day here in the Bay and there was no light, I may have to take more but I have listed this mobile in my Etsy shop with these ones.

xxx Ria

July 20, 2010

Feet up

Phew what a day, we were on the go for most of it... Maisie was such a treasure, she just put up with her Mum and her Nan taking her in then out of the car. I did find time to post off a custom order for three felt pictures. Two you have seen, the White Heart and the Owl Family on two branches. Well I finished the third and final picture last night and sent them all off to their new home in Western Australia.
So I have my feet up..... not for long though as an order for two mobiles for American twins came through this evening.

If you want further information on custom orders like the above picture, please email me on

xx Ria

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